viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

Don Quixote in Jail.

To attract customers, the restaurant Universal Pacoche (more), uses the figure of Don Quixote.
The photo was made outside opening hours, and keep this figure. When open to the public, draw the figure to the street, especially to attract tourists.
This restaurant is Murcian cuisine. Opened in 1945.

Don Quixote is undoubtedly the most famous Spanish literary character in the world. It is a mockery to the stories of knights who has written much of the sixteenth century and early seventeenth century. Don Quixote was written by Miguel de Cervantes. The author, known as "faulty of Lepanto", fought in the battle of Lepanto, where he lost his arm. All this was before writing his masterpiece.

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MaCoBra dijo...

I have fond memories of DonQuixote! As a kid there was this cartoon series I followed on tv, I can remember them very vividly. Thanks for following my blog. I have lived in Spain for 2,5 years, I can't remember having been to Murcia though, I can take a look to the town now via your blog!