martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

The Bell-Tower of the Cathedral of Murcia (La Torre-Campanario de la Catedral de Murcia)

The bell tower, built from 1521 to 1793, measured 93 meters (98 vane), being other than the width of the five bodies that compose it. It is a combination of different styles.
-The first body is a square with a Renaissance style and ornamentation of spanish plateresco.
-The second body is the same style, but following lines purists, the works were completed in 1555, was paralyzed at this level for over two centuries.
-The third body, which houses the clock, began to rise in 1765 and under the canons of the Baroque.
-In the fourth body conjuratorios include four temples crowned with domes and pyramids effigies of saints Fulgencio, Leandro, Isidoro and Florentina. They conjure storms with the relic of the Lignum Crucis which is preserved in the Cathedral.
-The fifth body, the Rococo style for the bell.
-It all ends with the graceful dome of the neoclassical style, culminating finally with the torch in 1793. (Source: wikipedia)

The photo is taken from the Plaza de la Cruz (Cross Square).

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Hilda dijo...

What an interesting meld of historical styles! It's lovely!

Julie dijo...

this is a great shot. such beauty in the architecture.

m_m dijo...

Very beautiful tower! Great capture!

JM dijo...

Gorgeous tower!