lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Photo Marathon. Maratón Fotográfico Del Periódico La Verdad

Yesterday, Sunday, was organized in the city of Murcia a photo marathon. It could see the city by about 300 participants (including some with families).
It started about 10 am and ended about 6 pm. In the morning the subject was on monuments, and in the afternoon, about everyday things in the city.
The train of the first photo, is the vehicle that was used to transport participants.
The other two photos, is a participant in the vicinity of the Cathedral of Murcia and Santo Domingo Square.
The contest was organized by the newspaper La Verdad.

2 comentarios:

Hilda dijo...

Ooh! Did you join them too? Sounds like a fantastic way to get photos for your blog! :)

MurciaDailyPhoto by usuahia dijo...

I do not really have time to participate in this contest. Although I would have liked to participate.
Maybe next year my son will have two and a half years, we can participate.
But, not being involved has helped me to show you this contest as a spectator.