lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Chinese Garden. Jardín Chino.

This is the new Chinese garden, which was rebuilt between 2007 and 2008. Previously, the flat area of the image, was a small pond that was crossed by a bridge. But emptied the pond, and for many years not refilled. During this period, this area became an area of homeless, and often sleep under the bridge above.
I, personally, I liked that old Chinese garden where the pond had water. Now, this paved area it is used for skating, to concerts, to barracas in the spring festivals ...
Perhaps it is more useful and removed some crime that existed in recent years the old garden.
Behind me, there is a children's play area, a playground for adults, Eucalyptus grandis which give life to the garden.
In the background, the Cathedral's tower.

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi Ilike your photo of the Chinese garden, a big improvement on the dry pond (I think) it sounds as if lots of fun things happen around the area.

Irish Molly