miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

June Theme Day: Under Construction

The Day Theme for June has arrived and the title is: Under Construction.
Almost two years later, this office building, still under construction and not likely to finishsoon. Things of the crisis.

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3 comentarios:

Valladolid Daily Photo dijo...

Me va a ser imposible felicitarte el sábado 4 asi que me adelanto a la fecha: ¡Feliz tercer cumpleaños del blog! Sigue asi, haces un gran trabajo. Te deseo otros muchos años más.

Leif Hagen dijo...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR UPCOMING 3RD BLOG ANNIVERSARY! Awesome - good luck with the next 3 years!
Warm regards from EAGAN daily photo

Karl dijo...

Beautiful photo for this theme day, I love your composition!