martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

Snow Around Inazares

Last week was a very icy week in Spain. In the northwest of the Region of Murcia, there were many snowy stamps.
The photo was taken last Sunday around Inazares, a village in the municipality of Moratalla. Inazares is the population located at a higher altitude at the Region of Murcia, 1,350 m. above sea level, lies on the slopes of the massif Revolcadores, with Bishops Peak (Pico de los Ovispos) 2015 meters, the roof of the Region of Murcia.
With a sky cataloged by N.A.S.A. as the cleanest of light pollution for astronomical observation of the entire Iberian Peninsula, enjoys perfect weather to "escape" from the summer heat and winter that comes with several snowfalls throughout the year.
Its location next to the highest peak in the region, visit involves many hikers and mountaineers, coming from all over Europe, and enjoys a privileged environment, which allows hosting many animal species such as the golden eagle, owl , peregrine falcons, vultures and even bobcats.

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