domingo, 22 de junio de 2014

Who Plays The World Game?

These cardboard and wood sculptures are part of a "Hoguera" ("Fogueres", "Bonfire"), which shows a review about events that have occurred in the last year (then it will burn on St. John's night). The image says it all (from "Hoguera Hernán Cortés").
The place, Alicante (about 80km from Murcia), one of the most traditional places where celebrating the Night of St. John (St. John's Day or Midsummer).
In 2009, already spoke of Obama, as a chess player.

2 comentarios:

William Kendall dijo...

I can imagine so much work goes into this... only to see it go on fire. Wow!

Hilda dijo...

I agree with William!

There are some Philippine politicians I'd like to see burn.