domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Solar Race 2014

SOLAR RACE Region of Murcia is a competition of efficiency and resistance to powered alternative energy sources to conventional fuel vehicles. The purpose of participating vehicles is to travel using the least amount of energy possible.
SOLAR RACE IV Edition was held last weekend (actually from 17 to 19 October 2014), and was performed in an urban circuit of the city of Murcia. Until now it had been held in Cartagena racetrack.

The competition was divided into two groups:
• Experimental Vehicles and
• City vehicles

Within each group, the vehicle had to compete in one of the following categories, depending on the energy source that used:
• Solar Photovoltaic
• Biofuels
• Hydrogen
• Plug electrical

The car had to be designed and built by student groups from schools, primarily high schools and vocational schools, and universities.

2 comentarios:

William Kendall dijo...

There are similar competitions done here. The vehicles have an otherworldly look to them.

Gunn dijo...

I think the ORANGE one will be the winner:)