domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Febraury 2015 Theme Day: What Would You Miss?

Today is the Theme Day in the CityDailyPhoto community. And the selected theme is: what would you miss? If you'd have to left the city where you live.
Since the theme was announced, I had very clear that the image should be the Cathedral of Murcia, till today that I have realized that it really would miss (besides family and friends) is the day of the Bando de la Huerta. A day to enjoy the street with people. A day to return to huertano (literally: man of the orchard) past of the city and the municipality.

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2 comentarios:

William Kendall dijo...

Quite a crowd, and a good choice!

LOLfromPasa dijo...

Think there are plenty more there that feel the same as you.