jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

More than a Picture. Take a Moment.

Sometimes one takes a picture to have pictures in the breech to go filling the spaces of this blog.
This is one of those pictures, which once made, and in the time I'll post it, I realize flukes. Yes, because in this framework, unintentionally, I find that casually two pigeons have been framed between the grid network is seen in the photograph, in flight. A pigeon chasing each other. Or not. Simply, every pigeon is on its side.
But also I noticing even more in this photo, I find that the other side from where I've taken the photo, students of this school of dramatic art of Murcia, have nowhere else to leave their empty water bottles, the window.
Perhaps, they have been left there for a moment before entering a test of speech, or interpretation, and those water bottles have served these students to clarify their voice and be able to pass their exam. Or simply they lack all citizenship and have not had enough education of tthrowing them in the trash.
In this process of photography observation, I realized that, in this historic building (XVIII century, being the Major Seminary of San Fulgencio) not be anything to put an air conditioner in the window has occurred, spoiling the surroundings. I'm not saying that they don't have to refrigerate the classes, given that in Murcia, in May and June, reaching 35 and 40 Celsius degrees, but the technique has greatly increased and there are other ways to bring that cold air generated elsewhere to this place.
Well, I hope that you, as a visitor, you had enough time to see these details, and I wish you had found other details that have caught your attention. Thank you for devoting time to this blog.
I enjoyed stopping me a moment to see, to observe, this photograph. Sometimes I do not have enough time to take pictures, let alone to find a text accompanying the photograph that every day that I can be published. But this time, I stopped to look.
If you've read this far, you should know that this photograph was made from the School of Dramatic Art of Murcia, looking for another perspective of the Cathedral of Murcia. A building that I love.

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William Kendall dijo...

I like the look of the architecture.