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Mimed viewer with picture.
At "Urban art: From the street to the museum" exhibition. At MUBAM.
From top to bottom:
- "Ugly heroes" by Etam Crew (Poland). Under the name of Etam Crew are hidden artists: Bezt and Sainer. This Polish graffiti duo has given a turn to the street art because they create murals that occupy several floors of height. They handle perfectly the table of colors, the anatomy and styles, taking care of the last detail in their works. Although the Polish team works mainly in Eastern Europe, they have also created works in the United States, Portugal, Norway, Canada and Spain.
- "Parallel Realities" by Peeta (Italy). Italian writer, painter and sculptor Manuel Di Rita (aka Peeta) lives and works in Venice where, since 2000, he has achieved international fame for his unique 3D graffiti style. Through shadows and technical resources, this Venetian gets a spectacular three-dimensional effect in twisted and geometric shapes. Peeta not only creates work in public spaces, but also creates similar figures in canvases as well as sculptures.
- "Chief Thunder Thud" by D'Face (UK). Dean Stockton was born and raised in London. He is one of the most prolific graffiti artists of his generation. Create works in the pop-art style using sprays, paintings, stickers, posters and templates. Has been active for more than 15 years. His works are admired and followed in the city, and even, it has exhibited in galleries of New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Some consider it the British version of Shepard Fairey (Obey).
- "All you need is love" by Inkie (UK). Tom Bingle or "Inkie" is a London street painter and artist. His style is based on art nouveau influences with an urban touch. He is quoted as part of Bristol's graffiti heritage along with Banksy, 3D and Nick Walker. Far from 1989 and his days of being arrested for his graffiti, Bingle can boast of being the first and only street artist to paint in the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom. Inkie has worked as a design director for SEGA and Xbox. He has exhibited in London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Warsaw, Belfast and Lisbon.
(Source: MUBAM)

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