jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Fofó Park. Parque Fofó.

One of the gardens of Murcia, most visited. This green area has a game infamtil area, another major appliances, a lake, and an auditorium (which in summer becomes cinema). Created in the early 70's, in this garden is the statue, with the children of Murcia and Alicante, wanted to remind the Fofó clown, who died in 1976, hence the name by which many people are familiar with this popular garden.

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Greek Shield

This is my last photo on the re-enactments.
These shields of the photograph correspond to Greek warriors.
In ancient Greece, as well as cultivating the thought, to create democracy, and many other things that have magnified the Greek people, they also had time to fight.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Real Murcia Vs Real Madrid: First Assault.

On this day, Real Madrid has gone through to play a match of the Copa del Rey against Real Murcia. The result has been a goalless draw (0-0), but still have to play in Madrid. It is a good result for a football team like Real Murcia, who is currently playing in the 2nd division B of Spanish football (so that you see an idea, is the 1 st division, then the 2 nd Division A, and then the 2 nd Division B).
A city like Murcia does not deserve to have a football team not to play in 1 st division, or at least in 2nd division A.
Here you can see a picture of the football stadium (Nueva Condomina) where the match was played.
In the first image: Real Madrid coach, leading the football players to the stadium. In the second photo, the bus escorted by police.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Roman Soldiers.

I do not think that the clothing of these Roman soldiers, is well suited for combat duty.

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010


Parade of troops from different eras.

sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Carlist Wars

Another period of war in Spain: the Carlist Wars (from 1833 to 1876).The origin of these wars was the succession to the crown of Spain. King Ferdinand VII died and left as heir his daughter Elizabeth II. Before the king passed a law that women could govern Spain. But a Carlos, the brother of Fernando VII, did not accept this law, which caused after the death of Fernando originated Carlist War I.

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Madrid Libre

Leaving aside the re-enactments of W.W. II. Today, the Spanish Civil War: the Republican side.This would be a resistance camp in Madrid, during one of the worst wars that a country can suffer: a civil war. What is fight between brothers. Hopefully, it never provoking a new war.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Field Hospital.

German field hospital in World War II.

miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010


The last two days I have shown the German side. Today the Americans. The truth is that the costumes and vehicles are very real.

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Historical Reenactment

Continuing the story from yesterday ...
"Historical reenactment is an educational activity in which participants attempt to recreate some aspects of a historical event or period. This may be as narrow as a specific moment from a battle, or as broad as an entire period." (Source: wikipedia)

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Fallschirmjager. German Paratroopers.

This past weekend was full of activities in Murcia. Among a marathon in favor of road safety: "Ponle Freno" foundation.
But what caught most attention was the weekend war organized by the
Municipality of Murcia, and the Codex Belix association . The Malecón garden was filled with troops: German, English, American, of World War II (in addition to troops from other periods of history of which I speak the next day).
The climax was Sunday at the "Puente Nuevo" - New Bridge (or Iron Bridge). Staged the Battle of Arnhem, in the operation 'Market Garden': In the recreation of the battle included people dressed as soldiers and officers of the First Division British Airborne, along with paratroopers Poles, the legendary 101 st and 82 nd
American Airborne Divisions and 30 th Corps British Army, as well as German infantry and paratroopers.

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

A Picture To Tell Two Stories: Cardinal Belluga And Picasso Mediterraneo

A picture to tell two stories.
First, statue of Cardinal Belluga (1662-1743).
On February 9, 1705 Felipe V appointed him bishop of the diocese of Cartagena and, later, Viceroy and Captain General of the kingdoms of Murcia and Valencia. Pope Clement XI appointed him Cardinal on November 29, 1719. Cardinal Belluga carried out substantial work in the city of Murcia and in the district of Vega Baja del Segura, where he promoted the colonization of new lands, the establishment of population centers, the significant improvement of schools, the creation of the Seminar theologians, sanitation of wetlands, construction of houses, hospitals and hospice and many other projects evangelists.

In the background, an exhibition hall of the CAM, with the exhibition: Picasso Mediterranean. The exhibition "Picasso Mediterraneo" features prints, ceramics and illustrated books of the artist from Malaga through which present various aspects of Mediterranean culture, their ways, products, history and historical heritage.
The exhibition runs through November 18, 2010. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 11-14h and 16-21h. Sundays and holidays from 11-14h.

Both are in the Glorieta de España, near the town hall and the episcopal palace.

sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Skate Park

It is good that exists sites like this, where those who practice it, may have a place to practice. Then, however, you'll see in parks, streets, ...
This skate park is in José Barnés sports area, along the Juan Carlos I avenue.

viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Medi Tower. Torre Medi

Also in the business district of Juan Carlos I, is the office tower called Torre Medi. Well, a mini tower, 58 meters high, 17 floors.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Headquarters Of Murcian Health Service. Sede Del Servicio Murciano De Salud.

This building is the headquarters of the Murcian Health Service since March 2010 and it is located in the new business district of Juan Carlos I.
For several years, the management of the resources of the public health, has been yielded by the government of Spain, to the different autonomous communities.

miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

No Privacy

Quite some time I wanted to take this picture, but there was always someone using it. But finally I have it.
This is a bathroom stall that you can find in the mall "Thader". The first time you stand in front of these girls, surprised and even I know that someone has not been able to use it.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Jurassic And The Spain's National Day.

This image is a replica of a skeleton of a T-Rex (nothing to do with the band). In the mall of "El Tiro" is a replica skeletons exposure of dinosaurs from different periods.

Today in Spain, is celebrated on Spain's National Day (Dia de la Fiesta Nacional or Hispanidad). It is a holiday, which commemorates the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492, paid by the Crown of Castile.
Some links of interest:
- Columbus Day
- U.S. Separtmentt of State (a letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton)
- The origin of this day (in Spanish)

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

The Effects Of The Crisis.

The effects of the crisis. In the picture, highway, between Alicante motorway and San Javier. This highway has remained unfinished because of the crisis. There is no money to finish it. It has to expropriate the land of citrus fruits that are in the background, and also have to build the road.
The stretch of highway that runs remains to be built by the Ministry of Development of the Government of Spain (assuming this part of the state, makes a motorway that it would be toll, and it is not
). The rest of the highway has been built by the Autonomous Community of Region of Murcia (that it finished).
Hopefully, it ends, because, besides it will be a good link with the coast of Mar Menor, and I really come in handy to go to the beach.

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Building Facade

There are days when one is devoid of ideas when it comes to posting pictures, or add arguments to a photo.
In the picture, building in the center of Murcia, between Centrofama and the Paseo Alfonso X "El Sabio"

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Hidrogen City Car At The Solar Race Region Of Murcia 2010

The last pictures of the Solar Race Región de Murcia 2010. Hydrogen car, and the media.

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Participants Of The Solar Race Región de Murcia,

The participants of the Solar Race Región de Murcia, came from Portugal, France, and Spain.
The vehicles, some of futuristic design, are powered by solar energy, biofuels (some of these prototypes can run for 1500km with 1 liter of biofuel) or hydrogen.

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Audience To The Solar Race Region Of Murcia.

There was a large number of visitors to the exhibition of the Solar Race Region de Murcia, in Gran Via of Murcia.

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Solar Race Región Of Murcia 2010

The SOLAR RACE Región de Murcia 2010 was held from September 29 to October 2 in Cartagena racetrack (Circuito de Cartagena). One way to promote green vehicles, as well as promoting research into cleaner vehicles.
Yesterday, 3rd of October, is developing a display of these vehicles in the Gran Via de Murcia.

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

29-S: General Strike (Halfway)

I show some photos of the general strike of 29-S.
In the main banner reads: the struggle continues.

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Octuber 2010 Theme Day: Graffiti

Today it begin the month of October filling the CityDailyPhoto community with graffiti. Graffiti is the Theme Day for this month.

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