sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012


Yesterday, there were severe storms in the southeast of Spain, even producing, besides economic damage, personal injury also.
In the Region of Murcia, in some areas fell about 200 liters per square meter. Here, spectacular image of a broken overpass because the torrential waters.
The image: the background, clouds perched in the mountains after the storm. In the city of Murcia there were 77 liters per square meter per hour.
Update: The rain storm affects much of the Region of Murcia, especially with Lorca. Image of a helicopter rescue.
New update: photos from the city of Murcia.

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Carthaginians And Romans. Cartagineses Y Romanos 2012.

During the last two weeks of September it is celebrated the festival of Carthaginians and Romans, in Cartagena, Region of Murcia.
More info: here.
In the picture: spears alluding to the battalions from both contenders.

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

Autumnal Dawn

Although autumn began about 5 days ago, this is the first picture of a dawn that I do this fall, from Murcia.

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Love Padlocks

A fashion imported from Europe which is a bit controversial, because many people think that disfigure most iconic bridges of cities.
All about love padlocks: here.

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

The Great Organ "Merklin-Schütze" Of The Cathedral Of Murcia.

In July of 1857, was inaugurated the Great Organ. The Organ of Murcia had an impact at European level absolutely spectacular, as was a tremendous breakthrough in the world of technology and mechanics worldwide and was quite ahead of its time from the point of view of music (loudness and registrations), becoming the best romantic organ in Spain, a unique example in Europe and unattainable goal model for the rest of organs houses of the time.
The instrument, of a size not equaled or surpassed by any current body in Spain, holds 63 records, about 5,000 pipes and console with four keyboards and a keyboard feet. Everything is sheltered by an elegant Gothic style box (main facade) and eclectic (facade of the choir, in the picture), with a carved quality of great importance.
(Source: lahornacina.com)

domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

No Vertigo

That's a in height job, in which you can work if you are not vertigo.

viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Look At The Camera

Ram in Terra Natura Murcia.

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012


At first glance it might seem Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones), but it is an animal (too). That lick (to eat of the hand) gives one of the giraffes at Terra Natura Murcia park.

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Love Is In The Air (Land)

Two loving turtles loving themselves (and a big one watching them).
I took that loving photo at Terra Natura Murcia, a few days ago.
Maybe in a few months there will be some baby turtles scampering.

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Mascot And Cathedral.

Feramur mascot next to the Cathedral of Murcia.
Here: Feramur 2012 website

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

Give Me Five (Four)

This hand is the mascot of Feramur, promoting the only Official Craft Fair in the Region of Murcia, which celebrates its 29th edition with a distinguished career in the field of handicrafts. The fair is at Lorca.

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

Swimming Against The Tide.

The truth is that fashion is that, just fashion. And the fashions are not always easy to follow. Sometimes you have the courage or, if not, you have to go against the tide.

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Pilgrimage To The Fuensanta 2012. Romería A La Fuensanta 2012.

Image: Patroness of Murcia inside the Cathedral.

The Tuesday after the second Sunday of September is the massive pilgrimage of La Fuensanta, from Murcia to the Sanctuary of the "Fuente Santa (Santa Fountain)", in the Sierra of Saler, about five kilometers from the capital. This beautiful natural landscape can see from its height, the Fertile valley of Murcia, Orihuela and the coastal plain of Alicante.
At 7 am, after a low Mass, the Virgin is carried Fuensanta from the Cathedral to her shrine at Mount. On their way through the streets of the city, crowded with worshipers, the pilgrimage takes the form of procession, with devotees in long lines, authorities and clergy.
On January 17, 1694, after a long drought that threatened the harvest from the garden, lowered the image of the Virgin of Fuensanta for the first time to Murcia.
To worship, a chapel was built shortly before being named in 1731 as the new patron of the City and its Garden (orchard), the various miracles attributed regarding rainfall. Thus, the Fuensanta replaced the Virgen de la Arrixaca as patroness of the city.

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

45 International Folklore Festival In The Mediterranean

In the picture, cauldron. This cauldron was lit during the entire festival.

The International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean, declared of Regional Tourist Interest, held from 3 to 7 September 2012 its forty-fifth year, making it the oldest of all the festivals that are celebrated not only in the city of Murcia and Region of Murcia but throughout the Spanish state.
The International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean serves as an integrating element between the different federations and associations.
This year, the participating groups came from Egypt, Russia, Peru, Portugal, Uzbekistan, and several Spanish provinces.

Background of the image, Santo Domingo's church.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012


Some of the things that can be enjoyed during the Fair of Murcia, is to go canoeing on the Segura river, the stretch of the river through the city.
Background: Old Bridge. Left: old watermills.

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Light My Fire

This is my first photo of fireworks playing with the shutter of my camera.

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

Light The Wick

Murcia (municipality) continues its fiestas.
In the picture, pyrotechnics waiting to make ignite those fireworks.

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Murcia's Fair 2012. Feria De Murcia 2012.

As I mentioned on Friday, August 31st, we are the festivities of September: Feria de Murcia.
In the picture, poster. (with a better quality, here)

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

September 2012 Theme Day: People Watching.

It's just arrived the first day of the month: the Theme Day. This time, People Watching.
Since the Theme Day was voted, I was wondering what would be shooting. Luckily this week, the moment found to me. The girl in the picture (incidentally, foreign) is looking at the trendy of the padlocks on bridges, and now that has come to the city of Murcia.
The bridge: Old Bridge (or Bridge of the Dangers). The river: Rio Segura.
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