miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Burial Of The Sardine 2014. Perspective. Echoes From Spring Festivities.

The Sardine (before being burned) and the Cathedral's tower.

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Entertainment On The Street. Echoes From Spring Festivities.

On Saturday of Burial of the Sardine, the streets are plenty of entertainment. Enjoy it!

lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Echoes From Spring Festivities

At the same place than yesterday, another marching band but from Hungary.

domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Last Day Of Spring Festivities.

Yesterday, I took several photos that I am going to show you in following days.
Image: a big Marching Band from Poland arrived on the day of the Burial of the Sardine. Awesome. They played music from Thriller (Michael Jackson), main theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, a many famous songs.
Background: Cathedral of Murcia at Belluga's square.

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Burial Of The Sardine Day. Entierro De La Sardina 2014.

Music, color, gifts, fiesta, parades. This would be a summary of this great day to which all of you are invited.
In Entierro de la Sardina label, you can see photos about parades.

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

One Day Before Burial Of Sardine 2014. Entiero De La Sardina 2014.

This is the Sardine that are going to be burned tomorrow night.
Please, visit Entierro de la Sardina label to see more about that festivity.

jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

The Sardine Has Arrived.

From Bullas (each year from a Region of Murcia town), the Sardine has arrived to the Spring Festival. Til Saturday this fish is going to be the centre of a big party with lots of parades. On Saturday will be the Burial of the Sardine (Entierro de la Sardina),  International Touristic Interest.

miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Dawn Springtime

After several break days, it's time to go to work, but thinking on the Spring Festival week. Seven days (this year, from 22nd to 27th of April) with Murcian food, parades (Bando de la Huerta, Spring parade, Entierro de la Sardina - Burial of the Sardine). Food, drinks, lights to enjoy.

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Bando De La Huerta 2014

Murcian tradition takes to the streets for a whole day: the first Tuesday after Easter week. Many Murcians dress in traditional costumes on a day to enjoy eating and living habits of yesteryear.
Throughout this week, in different parks and gardens are installed what are called barracas, to eat typical Murcian food.
I recommend coming to Murcia this week, and if not, check out the links of previous years (see Bando de la Huerta label). Also this links to see the parade: 1, 2, 3 (this one about the history of that fiesta).

lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Clouds Before Bando De La Huerta

Black clouds before the great day of Bando de la Huerta (see label).

domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Resurrection Sunday. Easter Week 2014.

Last processions day. A colourful customs takes the streets.

sábado, 19 de abril de 2014

The Last Supper. Easter Week 2014.

Yesterday was Good Friday in the religious Holy Week. The most famous Holy Week procession in Murcia is this procession: commonly known as the Salzillo's procession. It is really a movement museum of sculptures from the XVIII century when the great artist Francisco Salzillo developed that sculptures (that you can visit during all year round at Salzillo Museum). He showed movement, sorrow, suffering, with great realism.
I don't know if I had commented that Murcia Holy Week was declared of International Touristic Interest.
Images: two from The Last Supper. Last one, detail from The Flagellation.
Images from last year, here, with a panoramic from The Flagellation.

viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

Searching For Restaurant

This week (also next one), Easter, there are many foreign visits to our Region of Murcia, and it is commonly to see them (your) looking for a good place to eat. I also recommend to visit Region of Murcia for its gastronomy.
Image: restaurant at La Santa Hotel (Totana).

miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014


This week and next are holidaying in the schools of the Region of Murcia. The photo, a few months ago at a school in Murcia, encouraging children on the way to peace.

martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Grandiose Facade

It's almost impossible to pass in front of the Catheral of Murcia and not taking a photo. (Photo source: B.I.L. a friend of mine)

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Sunny Holidays

This week (Easter Week) and next week (Spring Festival in Murcia) are expected to be sunny. (Photo source: J.A.M. a cousin, from El Campello, Alicante)

domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Starting Easter Week 2014

Last friday started Easter Week 2014 in Murcia. Till next sunday, more than a week of religious pasion and festivities. (Photo source: B.I.L., a friend of mine)

sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Military Base Of Los Alcazares

Since February to late June 2014, you can visit the military base of Los Alcazares (Mar Menor coast, Region of Murcia). It was the first hydroplane base in Spain (1915).

lunes, 7 de abril de 2014


Still, the shepherds bring to graze sheeps in some parts of the Region. Hopefully this tradition will never be lost.

domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Rays Of Sun

A beautiful dawn (or sunrise, I'm not sure).

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

After The Storm

In a few minutes, rays, wind and  lots of rain covered the landscape. After that, we had that beautiful sky.

jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Reflections On The River

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Light My Fire

A few days ago, some employees of the company where I work, we had a course of firefighting. Quite fun and very educational. Above all, they teach you to lose the fear of fire, without losing respect.
Here, The Doors' song.

martes, 1 de abril de 2014

April'14 Theme Day: Triangles

The tradition within the community citydailyphotobloggers says that every first of the month gets a common theme on which there will be a photo and everyone will interpret the theme how each understands. Well this is my version: Triangles.
Click here to view thumbnails for all participants