lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Chocolate Chair

Another pastry work by Paco Torreblanca at Gastroarte2 (MUBAM). Spanish cards can also be eaten.
Below, inspired paint work (Una partida de malilla - A game cards of mallet) by Adolfo Rubio Sánchez (1867).

sábado, 13 de mayo de 2017

The Heart of Murcia

Master pastry Paco Torreblanca was inspired from The entrails of Alfonso X (Las entrañas de Alfonso X), author: anonimous. Torreblanca has made this bloody heart with sugar. As previous pastry sculptures, everything can be eaten. (At MUBAM).
About the picture work: when King Alfonso X "The Wise" died, his heart was deposited at Cathedral of Murcia, because Murcia was loyal to this King when there were battles for the crown of Castilian Kingdom.

viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Clerk's Hand

Another pastry work by Paco Torreblanca inspired by Saint Jerome clerk by José de Ribera (Jusepe de Ribera). At MUBAM till june 18th.

miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Torreblanca Exposition at MUBAM

You can still visit the amazing exhibition of Master Pastry Chef Paco Torreblanca located at MUBAM at Murcia city.
Image: picture collection of details and some of the process to create those amazing edible sculptures.

domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

Pianos on the Street 2017

Yesterday, in addition to WAM Festival, there was held "Pianos en la Calle 2017" (Pianos on the Street 2017). This was the second edition of this initiative organized by Klavier (music stores) and Municipality of Murcia.
A whole day to listen to play pianos. All people who wanted to play those pianos (located on three stages around the city) could play them. A great initiative. Very interesting works were played.
Image: stage at St. Domigo square.
At night, at this place, there was held a piano contest by masters.

sábado, 6 de mayo de 2017

Mambo Jambo at WAM 2017

During the morning of WAM Festival there were free concerts on three stages (three concerts on three stages) today and tomorrow.
Image: Los Mambo Jambo band. A fantastic instrumental band (rok&roll and rhythm&blues 50's style) that I recommend (from Barcelona), At University square.

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

WAM 2017

This week has started a new music festival: WAM Estrella de Levante Festival (WAM is the acronym of We are Murcia). This new festival replaces that which for 9 years has been one of the most recognized festivals in Spain within the Indie scene: SOS 4.8 Festival.
From 2 to 7 May: concerts of music, dance, documentary film, gastronomy ... About music, more than 60 bands, also scenarios aorund the city with free concerts.

miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Gastroarte 2. Find the Monkey.

Another pastry work by Paco Torreblanca master pastry chef. In this case, the painting work was titled "Flower vase" by Daniel Seghers on XVII century (below you can see a better photo of the painting.
Daniel Seghers was a disciple of Jan Brueghel the Elder. Seghers specialized in the painting of flowers, particularly in the form of gussets surrounded by garlands, a genre he contributed to establish with his paintings highly appreciated by European courts.
About pastry work. As previous posts, all you can see, all you can eat. Also the monkey made of chocolate. Can you see the monkey? It is also in the painting work, see below (click on image to enlarge).

martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

Gastroarte 2. Sweet Skull

As previous post, everything that is in the exhibitor is edible: the skull, the book with its pages, the snake ... On this occasion, the master pastry chef Paco Torreblanca reinterpreted the picture that is seen behind: St. Francis of Assisi at the Immaculate Conception (XVII century, author: anonymous). From this distance is not appreciated, but all the sweet elements are in the picture.

lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

May'17 Theme Day: Let's Eat

The selected theme for May Theme Day this time it could be very delicious: Let's Eat.
For MurciaDailyPhoto has been lucky that right now, you can see in MUBAM "Gastroarte 2", a sample that mixes gastronomy with art. Master pastry chef Paco Torreblanca has chosen four paintings from different periods that are exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Murcia (MUBAM), and he has reinterpreted them in pieces of "goldsmith".
The exhibition began on April 27 and lasts until June 18.
The pastry artist has used cake, caramel stands, mousse and chocolate figures, vanilla cream, cheese and apricot, blown sugar balls and crisp praline, among others.
All the works of pastry are exposed next to the pictorial work on which it has been based.
Image: pictorial work: Saint Michael Archangel by Juan de Juanes (16th century).
            pastry work by Paco Torreblanca, Master pastry chef, wanted to highlight the wings of the archangel. Everything is sugar (the wings). The blue base is also made of sugar and, in the first term, a half sphere of white chocolate sponge cake. So, everything you can eat.
I invite you to visit this exposition or follow MurciaDailyPhoto the following days.

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