viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

"The Boss" In Spain

During these summer days, Bruce Springsteen is on tour in Spain by a series of concerts.
The concert, closer to Murcia, was in Benidorm yesterday (about 120 km from Murcia).
30,000 people enjoyed this concert.
In the image the poster of the concert for "The Boss" in Benidorm, and the record that this tab has released for sale Susana Re, a Murcian singer.

jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Nun And Church

Although not see very well, the person in back is a nun. In the background, the Church of El Carmen.

miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

No Trespassing

From the way I took this picture, it appears to be no trespassing. The photo was taken near the sanctuary of La Fuensanta.
Close to this Sanctuary of the virgin of "La Fuensanta", we can see that chapel and monastery "de la Luz" (of the Light).

martes, 28 de julio de 2009

With A Little Help For ...

As in life, we always need support to not fall over. Whether the family and / or friends.

lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Monument To Salzillo

This monument is in the Square of Santa Eulalia. It's a bust on a pedestal in honor of the illustrious Murcian sculptor Francisco Salzillo.
More about this great sculptor of the eighteenth century, here. In labels you can see more about Salzillo.
As always, the pigeons keep cleaning the monuments.

domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Screaming Or Listening

In the Santa Eulalia district, I found this graffiti. But I'm not sure if the front image is listening to music or screaming.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2009

The Door Of The Apostles 2

Another perspective on the door of the cathedral.
The Door of the Apostles, single vain florid Gothic style. Stresses its arc and its sculptural decoration conopial four apostles on the jambs (San Andrés, San Pablo, San Pedro and Santiago) and angel musicians and kings of Israel following the archivolts. In the key of the arch was added a coat of Queen Elizabeth in gratitude for the donations made to the Cathedral. (Source: here)

viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

The Door Of The Apostles. Cathedral Of Murcia.

The palace building that I showed yesterday, as I said, is in the square of the Apostles. This door is given the name to the plaza.

The door of the Apostles (Puerta de los Apóstoles), 1488, Diego Sánchez de Almazán. Built in a Gothic style, its name comes from the sculptures of the four apostles on the door jambs. There is a shield in honour of Queen Isabel the Catholic. (Source: Concejalia de Turismo)

jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

Palace of Roche

I've been looking for information about this building restored palace.
The only thing I found is that it was built in 1875. It has left the facade.
This building is next to the Cathedral in the plaza of the apostles.

miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

The Past Is Still Present

In Vienna pastries (in Trapería street), you can find this scale.
It is undoubtedly a piece of the past in our current digital present.
You can read, it was manufactured in Toledo (or that this model is called Toledo). Without springs (Sin Resortes). Exact weight (Peso Exacto).
This is a relic.
Vienna is one of the best traditional pastry in Murcia.

martes, 21 de julio de 2009

The Jesus-Mary Catholic School

On Avenue Alfonso X "El Sabio" is this Catholic school.
The Congregation of Jesus-Mary founded this Catholic school in 1895 (but in another building). The building of the image are from 1943.

domingo, 19 de julio de 2009


About this sculpture I have already spoken (here). It is "Tribute to the poets," but Murcian have changed the name of this sculpture, and it's called "magnet".

viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Boats And Mediterranean Sea

Comes the weekend, and while I have no holidays, on weekends I go to the beach with my 20 months old son, who loves to swim in the sea (Mediterranean).
So the picture is an advancement of what will be tomorrow.

jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

Street Cleaning

Today, a curious picture. The necessary equipment for cleaning the streets of Murcia.
If not for some people neglected, the streets are cleaner. Other European cities that I visited, like Monaco, they are clean. Clear that other European cities (I will not give names) are rather dirty.

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Archaelogical Museum of Murcia

The Archaelogical Museum of Murcia is located in the Provincial Palace of Archives, Libraries and Museums. It is a building created by the architec Jose Luis León and it was opened in 1953. The important collections which are exhibited permanently are distribuited in 16 rooms and they coner the Prehistory and History of Murcia from the Palaeolithic to th Cristian and Visigoth Periods. The Museum has got other facilities, such as a room for travelling exhibitions, a library, an assembly hall, a cafeteria and a shop. (Source: Municipally of Murcia)
Few months ago about sea carapace turtle exhibits. They were found in the mountains of Murcia. The age of these carapace turtles in particular I do not know, but I must say that Murcia was under the waters of the Sea for millions of years, perhaps, Murcia was the last party to leave the sea across the Iberian Peninsula.
The Archaelogical Museum is located in Alfonso X "El Sabio" Av.

martes, 14 de julio de 2009

Empty 2

It's been a few days from the Theme Day of the first of July. To this day I had two photos, so I take this day to show my other option for that day.
I took this photo in the Alfonso X "El Sabio" promenade.

lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Saint Eloy And Silversmiths.

At the beginning of Platería Street, from the four corners (remember that the 4 corners where streets intersect Plateria with Trapería), this is a tribute to the street, with the patron saint of silversmiths: San Eloy.
Although it was from 2008, so far I had not realized it existed. To find it you have to look upwards.
The text reads: "This was from Platería Street to the old silversmiths and goldsmiths, and in memory of that pattern reminds San Eloy, being Mayor of the city Miguel Ángel Camara and Rector of the University of Murcia Jose Antonio Cobacho. San Eloy 2008."

sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Murcian Gastronomy

Not a good pic. I try to do better next time.
What I will show you today are some of the best typical food in Murcia (from left to right, and that best can be seen in the photo):
Murcian zarangollo (a dish with egg, onion and zucchini), wine (large wines of Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas) Murcian pimentón (a natural dye is highly appreciated in the kitchen), olive oil, asadillo huertano (roasted peppers, tomato, garlic and oil).
You will have to taste them.

viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

Public Transport: Buses

At the heart of the city of Murcia, public transport there is the taxis and the autobusus. This little bus from Murcia (rayobus) is handy when you have to move through the city.
Although being a small town, I prefer to walk the streets of Murcia.
In Rayobus you can see an awareness campaign to work better, the motto is: If you are good at work, the work will be done well.

jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

The Birds

The Birds.
I wanted to capture this image on something like fear or terror that Hitchcock showed in his film "The Birds".
Although not for much, pigeons can be a serious danger to his head, clothes, etc.
The photo I've taken in the Plaza de Santo Domingo.

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Parish Church Of San Juan Bautista

After I show the Arco de San Juan, and the hotel that bears his name, now the church that gives its name to the neighborhood.
This church may be officially considered as the first parish of Murcia because it was, at least from 1248, when Fernando III donated it to Order of Santiago. The church was called San Juan del Real until the end of 18th century when the Count of Floridablanca, who lived in a palace next to the plaza, changed the name to San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) Because he was a devout admirer of this Saint.
In the interior the red marble shrine is noteworthy which houses the image of the owner, a work by Antonio Dupart. The church also has sculptures by Salzillo, Porcel and Sánchez-Lozano.

martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Floridablanca Palace

18th century.
The work of the architect Ramon Berenguer. This is an extreme sober-looking building, which displays the ornamental bareness of the Clasic period.
Today only the facade is preserved, with the interior having been remodelled into de "Arco de San Juan" Hotel.
Source: Municipally of Murcia.
This hotel is located in Plaza de Ceballos in Murcia.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

Arco De San Juan

This arch connects the two parts of an ancient palace: the palace of the Count of Floridablanca.
Today is a hotel.

domingo, 5 de julio de 2009

Regional Film "Francisco Rabal". Filmoteca Regional.

This was the old Salzillo Cinema and now is the Regional Film. Now is in reform
Filmoteca Regional was created to recover the history of film in Murcia.
Also scheduled cycles of films that are not seen in commercial theaters.
About Mr. Francisco Rabal: he is/was the greatest Murcian actor. Winner of a Palm d'Or for best male interpretation in the film The Holy Innocents (Los Santos Inocentes).
I think it is a fitting tribute to this actor who died some years ago that the regional film bearing his name.

sábado, 4 de julio de 2009


Near the Cathedral is this the store where you can purchased, in addition to many products, you can buy religious products.

viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Chapel Of Vélez. Capilla De Los Vélez.

The truth is that I could make a dailyphoto of the Cathedral of Murcia. This could be called Cathedralofmurciadailyphoto.
Today I show you the exterior of the chapel of the Vélez. This flamboyant-Gothic style.
It was built (XIV c.) as a family vault by the Adelantado Mayor of the Kingdom, Juan Chacón, Marquis de los Vélez, a prominent participant in the war of Granada (reconquest of Spain).
The chapel of the Vélez polygon is divided into several bodies decorated with coats of Chacon and Fajardo. Other elements are visually expressive wild Tenente stone and chain that runs the top. It is generally appreciated, unlike the interior, a Renaissance style.
There is a legend that the artist who created the strings of stone, they cut off their hands so that he could not make another the same. I recommend especially the interior of this chapel is inside the cathedral.
You can not take pictures on the inside, but I try to take a picture of this jewel of a chapel.

jueves, 2 de julio de 2009

Police Headquarters. Jefatura De Policia de Murcia.

In the picture the front of the Superior Police Department.
In this place I had to go a couple of times. One of those times was when in an early morning, after leaving party, I went to collect my car, and sombody stole it!. I went to the police station to make the complaint.
A year and a half later, the car driven by the thief appeared.
This happened 15 years ago.

miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Theme Day: Empty

I almost forgot the Theme Day. First of July. First of the month. And as each month comes first Theme Day, and a meet-month of my son (20 months now, a man). This month's Theme Day is Empty.
I have chosen this picture with these EMPTY tables and chairs that I took on Sunday morning. It was still early. Just an hour later were filled.
Click here to view thumbnails for all participants