martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Palacio de Almodovar. Almodovar Palace.

17th century.
A Mannerist building which incorporates the heraldic theme of the "savages" or "supporters".
It was refurbished at the begginning of the 20th century and used as the site of the Civil Government until 1950.
The side arch with opens to the Romea square served in order to communicatewith the Rosario chapel.
Highlight its facade and interior stairs.
This building is located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, at the beginning of the street Trapería.

lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Thank You Master. Gracias Maestro.

There is currently a teacher's dignity campaign with the slogan "Thank you Master".
The aim is to be back to respect the teacher, because in recent years, both parents and students, they will have lost respect for teachers.
In many public schools in Murcia have hung these large posters showing a well-known of Murcia (in the photograph, the bullfighter Pepin Liria) with an elderly professor.

domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Postcards From Murcia

I think with this picture I will do a summary of what is Murcia (in a tourism form).
Murcia is a lot more though, and for that there is MurciaDailyPhoto.
Greetings to all and and I wish you a good Sunday.

sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Gran Via In Reforms

Gran Via de Murcia is these days of reform.
Hopefully this beautify the main road of Murcia. If I'm honest though, I think that the colors they have chosen for the ground are very dark (in gray).

viernes, 26 de junio de 2009


The main photo today is dedicated to musicians.
In the picture you can see a group of musicians on the streets of Trapería, touching them to get some money and get out of the crisis.
Although the picture is not visible, they are announced to play at weddings.
The time I was listening to songs played on the classics and even of John Lennon Imagine (brilliant).
But today, I am a little sad. Michael Jackson died yesterday.
I loved this artist for many years (until he was lost himself).
So with these two pictures I just want to pay a small tribute to this musical genius. A tribute to this great artist was Michael Jackson.

jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Paparajote: Murcian Dessert.

About paparajote dessert: a piece of lemon-leaf batter. It's a dessert that although it is somewhat rustic, is delicious. Indeed, there is NOT eating the leaves, just the batter.
Then, ingredients and preparation of paparajote. I hope you enjoy it. -2 Eggs -1 / 2 liters of milk -1 / 2 on yeast -500 Gr flour -100 Gr Sugar -Olive oil -Sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle -A pinch of salt -Lemon-leaves
Beat the eggs, and milk is added, the yeast and the salt is removed by adding all the flour to form that supports a creamy mass.
Put the olive oil to heat, when hot are wetting the leaves of lemon in the dough and fried.
You can eat as they leave the pan, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It may be accompanied by ice cream.
Bon profit!
(Here you can see pictures of the development of paparajote)

miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Paparajote Souvenir Shop

Back to Murcia.
Paparajote is undoubtedly one of those words and Murcian dessert par excellence.
I show you pictures of La Tienda de Paparajote (a souvenir shop). If you visit Murcia, you have to go through this store where you can buy souvenirs of Murcia (typical products, shirts, pottery, etc.).
Tomorrow: the Paparajote dessert. how to make it.

martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Hogueras 2009. Some Details.

Some details of the Hoguera yesterday.
In the first image, Obama as King of Chess (or king of the WhiteHouse). The text says: When Obama moves a piece, the world becomes absorbed, then the play is called, giving the King castling short.
Second image: science is under attack by religion.
Third image: Hogueras also have its children version. It is also burned on the night of San Juan.
Another reason that I like going to this event (Alicante is about 80 km from Murcia) is to celebrate the day of San Juan because it is celebrated my name, which is also the name of my son.
If you click on the image you can see more details.

lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Bonfires of Saint John 2009. Hogueras de San Juan 2009. Alicante.

Today I did not get photos of Murcia.
Today I show you pictures of the neighboring city of Alicante.
Yesterday I was in Alicante on the occasion of the celebration of the Hogueras de San Juan 2009 (the festival is from 12 of June to 24 of June) (there also called Fogueres de Sant Joan)
It is a festival that I recommend you to visit for the atmosphere and the city itself.
Throughout the city there are Hogueras, which are cardboard and wood sculptures that symbolize things too good not to have occurred during the past year.
There is also a critique of Spanish society.
Then comes the day when June 24, from 12 at night, are burned, thereby eliminating all the bad last year.
In the last picture you can see the Spanish royal family.
The photos are taken in square of the Montañeta, Hoguera Hernán Cortés.
(Sorry for my english)

Now you can visit MurciaDailyPhoto from

domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

Huevos Frescos (Fresh Eggs)

After seeing the sticker is on the floor, I could not avoid making a picture.
At the beginning of the Traperia Street (from Santo Domingo) is a small shopping center. At the entrance to this gallery is the sticker that said "Fresh Eggs".

sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Monument To The Human Rights. Another Perspective.

Another perspective of the monument to human rights.
Clicking on the image you can see the monument in more detail.

viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Human Rights Monument. Monumento A Los Derechos Humanos.

This monument to human rights is in square of Santo Domingo.
This sculpture is the work of González Beltrán.
The Autonomous Community of Murcia gave to the European Union, a replica of the monument.
The replica can be seen in the square of the Palace of Europe in Strasbourg.
In 2007, the National Coin and Stamp French issued a stamp for the Council of Europe.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

Funny Balloons

In times of crisis, a balloon always makes you happy, especially to young children.
In the picture, selling balloons on the promenade Alfonso X "El Sabio"

miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009


It's hot in Murcia, and it has not yet reached the summer.
The photo was taken yesterday evening between 7:00pm and 7:15pm in the Gran Via.
The girl of advertising does well in light clothes go.

martes, 16 de junio de 2009

Si, Gracias (Yes, Thanks)

It seems that the glass container is grateful to the car by sticking to it.
That is what can be read on the sticker smiling container.
I had thought to bring another title to the post today. The car-glass container, another way of environmentalism.
In the second picture you can see how the car keeps distances. On the one hand, depress the crosswalk (fine), and on the other side sticks to the glass container, (fine).
Incidentally, I took this photo on Sunday on Alfonso X avenue, and there were many places where he could park.

lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

Casa Cerdá: Another Perspective.

In this building I have talked before (here you can see a couple of photos that I have done in the last year).
Here is framed by the college Cierva Peñafiel (left) and the Church of Santo Domingo (more in labels).
By the way, this street is closed at both ends for use like a playground to the school; a venue for Santa Claus at Christmas and for many other uses.

domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Cafe-Bar: A Good Place To Have Tapas. El Café-Bar: Un Buen Sitio Para Tomar Tapas.

Time: between 12:30 and 13:30.
Location: Promenade of Alfonso X "El Sabio".
Café-Bar Gran Vía (best known for the Murcian like Café-Bar) is one of the most popular places for a tapa.
In the image, two sailor women("marineras") (Russian salad with anchovy deck on a bagel bread) accompanied with a blonde Murcian (Estrella Levante Beer is produced in Murcia). This is one of the most typical tapa.
I invite you to take a beer in the place you visit this blog. ;)

sábado, 13 de junio de 2009

Jazz & Cocktails

Today Saturday, is a good day to go to hear good jazz music while you take a cocktail.
This music room can be found in the Santo Domingo square

viernes, 12 de junio de 2009


Pigeons on one of the walls of the ruins of the mill of yesterday.

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

River And Mill

The Segura river where it passes through the contraparada (small dam).
In the foreground you can see the remains of an old mill.

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

European Elections 2009.

Although I have spent a few days, on Sunday June 7, took place in Europe the European Parliament elections.
In Spain, too.
In the photo you can see some of the ballots of different parties that were presented to these elections.
These elections are called every 5 years. This year it has won the Conservative Party.
I am of the view that there is always going to vote, to be able then to criticize our politicians. Since it is a right that we as a democratic country, I do not understand how it is possible that about 60% of voters do not go to vote. I do not believe in abstinence. If you disagree with the current political class as blank votes. In Spain, the blank vote increased considerably.
I think that our politicians do not listen to citizens.

domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Church-Convent of Las Claras.

Another of these sites must not fail to visit in Murcia.
Arabic palace of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, donated by the king passed into the hands of the Poor of the Third Order of St. Francis, who held nearly 700 years. At present one can visit the museum of Islamic art and religious art, guided in groups, which can be seen, besides the Arabic of the palace ruins, centuries and centuries of Christian worship.

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

Preventive Prison. The Old Jail. La Carcel Vieja De Murcia.

The old provincial jail of Murcia is one of the few examples of civil architecture of the beginning of the twentieth century that remains standing in Murcia. Particular importance during the Civil War (1936-39) and immediate postwar years in which next to the Convent of Agustinas are locked hundreds of political prisoners who were victims of the famous "get" with the direction of Puerto de la Cadena and Cemetery of Espinardo.
This building was of the Spanish state it has passed into the hands of the municipality of Murcia, and will become a cultural center. It kept the facade and little else.
I think it should become a tourist center where they explain the history of this building. Or at least that the history of this building do not forget. It should be remembered that there were prisoners on the inside of both sides in the Spanish Civil War.
Well, do not forget what this building was dedicated as, for example, no information on the current complex of buildings of the former artillery barracks.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

Fisrt Year Of MurciaDailyPhoto. Christ Of Monteagudo.

Today, a year ago MurciaDailyPhoto which published its first picture.
It have been 265 post. More than 3200 visits. (Here you can revisited the second and the third one).
And thanks to all those comments and let those who do not let comments.
From here to thank the first comment left on this blog. Kim was from Seattle Daily Photo. I thank also the first official follower of this blog, MKHANSEN from Lexington Daily Photo. We also thank the fans who usually make comments like Hilda from My Manila, Kris from This Will Hurt Me, Abe Lincoln from Brookville, Ohio, Babooshka from Ramsey Daily Photo (Isle of Man), and many other people I would not forget (Apologize if I forget a name).
Today I would have liked to do a montage of photos, but I have not had time. I wish I have time this month to do it.
If this is your first visit to this blog, thank you, and I hope you'll come back again.
If you have already visited this blog, thanks for coming back to MurciaDailyPhoto. And I hope you keep coming back.
I will post photos, and improving on what I can.

As for the picture today, it is Christ who has been in the parish of Monteagudo. This statue is on the remains of an ancient fortification. The statue was placed here during the dictatorship of General Franco.

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

Hydrographic Confederation Of Segura River. Confederación Hidrográfica Del Segura.

The Hydrographic Confederation of Segura, is an autonomous agency of the government, attached, for administrative purposes, the Ministry of Environment.
This entity, which ensures the maintenance and health of the Segura River.
This palace-building is located on the Fontes square, so near the Cathedral.

martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Youth. Juventud.

Youth, divine treasure.
Opposite the Murcia Tennis Club, are finishing the new premises of the youth council.

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

June Theme Day: Feet

Today is the first day of the month.
As each month is the first day in the city daily community. The theme (popular vote) was to: feet.
I had several ideas, but in the end I decided to these duck feet. Ducks, who posed for my camera, you can find in the Segura river. Specifically, under the Manterola's bridge (see this bridge).

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants