jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Theme Day: Contrast.

First day of the month. The Theme Day has arrived, and this month the issue is CoNtRaSt.
I have not searched color contrast, I have not sought contrast of textures, I have not sought contrast in sizes. In fact, what I've found is a photo of a couple of years ago during the course of a football indoor match (here the Asthes website) in the football league where I play.
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5 comentarios:

Leif Hagen dijo...

CONTRASTING color and textures indeed. Now, don't just stand there, kick the ball!

Tussy dijo...

Is he sitting or standing with the ball?

Just kick it, it might be good fun.

Funny thought of you for this, I like it.

Happy Theme Day!

My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
You got a Posty: I want to give 15 postcards :)

Jilly dijo...

Made me laugh. Very funny. Hope you kicked the ball!

eamon@ewmphotography dijo...

Nice hairy legs! :)

Anónimo dijo...

Great man!! You can win, lose or draw but always play hard!!