lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Bullring And Ancient Roman Amphitheatre Of Cartagena

The first thing you see in the picture, is the structure of the old bullring in Cartagena. Built between 1853 and 1854, and inaugurated in August 1854. The last bullfight was in March 1986.
The bullring was built on the ruins of Ancient Roman Amphitheatre (bottom left of image). It is thought to be built in the first century B.C. It is also thought that in addition to other spectacles, naval recreations were made because channels were found which would serve to drain the ring of the amphitheater.
The existence of the amphitheater, it seems, that has always been aware of its existence: "The Roman amphitheater is the monument of old Cartagena better known among scholars and students between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, and their structures were visible until the construction of the Plaza de Toros on its ruins. already Francisco Cascales, in his "Discourse of the city of Cartagena" (1598), we reported that Juan Bautista Antonelli, in 1577, and for building the city wall, planned its demolition. "
Currently (although the economic crisis may have stopped their excavation) the idea is to keep the structure of the bullring and dig around the amphitheater.
More information about this historic amphitheatre, here (in Spanish).

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Malyss dijo...

In past times, people did not respect so much older things that we do. Today , we re-discover things and places; But sometimes it's too late to save them..

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

Malyss, you are right, I think the same as you