miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010


This photo was taken at about 2pm, and about 30 degrees Celsius. As you can see, there is a total luminosity. This picture was taken at the natural beach of La Torre Derribada (the fallen tower), which is in the protected environment of the salt flats of San Pedro. Despite being a natural beach, each 150-200 meters there is a lifeguard.
Here you have several links to information on natural regional park:
-Video (in Spanish)
where you can see images of this incredible place.
-Map of that nature reserve (English)
-All about this place: history, routes (English)
Anyway, I show this place to keep it preserved.

2 comentarios:

Petrus dijo...

Thanks for the information - the video is very good ..

Hilda dijo...

That is an awesome blue sky! At 30C, I'd go swimming too. Stay cool!