lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Spain Wins The World Cup Championship

I can not avoid to post a picture like this. Spain lifting the trophy of the World Cup Championship.
The photo I took of the TV, so the quality is not very good. Now I would have liked to me being in South Africa to see this moment.

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Roberto Machado Alves dijo...

Yo soy brasileño, pero creo que España mereció ganar la copa del mundo. felicitaciones.

Un abrazo


Θάνος Δ. dijo...

I saw the final in Cyprus in a hotel with many Dutch tourists… They were not happy but they could not complain: Spain was much better and much more fair play!

It also shows that long-term serious work always pays: something the coach del Bosque has always done; something Maradona has not done as a coach, even if he was a great player…