lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Fallschirmjager. German Paratroopers.

This past weekend was full of activities in Murcia. Among a marathon in favor of road safety: "Ponle Freno" foundation.
But what caught most attention was the weekend war organized by the
Municipality of Murcia, and the Codex Belix association . The Malecón garden was filled with troops: German, English, American, of World War II (in addition to troops from other periods of history of which I speak the next day).
The climax was Sunday at the "Puente Nuevo" - New Bridge (or Iron Bridge). Staged the Battle of Arnhem, in the operation 'Market Garden': In the recreation of the battle included people dressed as soldiers and officers of the First Division British Airborne, along with paratroopers Poles, the legendary 101 st and 82 nd
American Airborne Divisions and 30 th Corps British Army, as well as German infantry and paratroopers.

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