domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

A Picture To Tell Two Stories: Cardinal Belluga And Picasso Mediterraneo

A picture to tell two stories.
First, statue of Cardinal Belluga (1662-1743).
On February 9, 1705 Felipe V appointed him bishop of the diocese of Cartagena and, later, Viceroy and Captain General of the kingdoms of Murcia and Valencia. Pope Clement XI appointed him Cardinal on November 29, 1719. Cardinal Belluga carried out substantial work in the city of Murcia and in the district of Vega Baja del Segura, where he promoted the colonization of new lands, the establishment of population centers, the significant improvement of schools, the creation of the Seminar theologians, sanitation of wetlands, construction of houses, hospitals and hospice and many other projects evangelists.

In the background, an exhibition hall of the CAM, with the exhibition: Picasso Mediterranean. The exhibition "Picasso Mediterraneo" features prints, ceramics and illustrated books of the artist from Malaga through which present various aspects of Mediterranean culture, their ways, products, history and historical heritage.
The exhibition runs through November 18, 2010. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 11-14h and 16-21h. Sundays and holidays from 11-14h.

Both are in the Glorieta de España, near the town hall and the episcopal palace.

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