martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Real Murcia Vs Real Madrid: First Assault.

On this day, Real Madrid has gone through to play a match of the Copa del Rey against Real Murcia. The result has been a goalless draw (0-0), but still have to play in Madrid. It is a good result for a football team like Real Murcia, who is currently playing in the 2nd division B of Spanish football (so that you see an idea, is the 1 st division, then the 2 nd Division A, and then the 2 nd Division B).
A city like Murcia does not deserve to have a football team not to play in 1 st division, or at least in 2nd division A.
Here you can see a picture of the football stadium (Nueva Condomina) where the match was played.
In the first image: Real Madrid coach, leading the football players to the stadium. In the second photo, the bus escorted by police.

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