jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Donativos. Donations. Jesús Abandonado.

In some areas of the city you can find these windows in which there is a "piggy bank", which contribute, anonymously, in Fundación Jesús Abandonado (Jesus Forsaken Foundation). (This is next to the Palacio de San Esteban, the seat of government of the Region of Murcia).
The movement J.A. originated in Andalusia. Its founder, Don Isidoro Carrasco, a secular priest, encrypts its home at Christmas 1972. Arises with the idea of giving shelter to the homeless.
The initiative aims:
a) Create and provide homes in which to host any kind of abandoned.
b) Provide a community-type experience, temporarily, when you want.
Murcia's work opens on Christmas Day 1978.
Since 1992, it
becomes in the Jesus Forsaken Foundation of Murcia.
A hostel for Murcian born who were homeless, has become a place for foreigners, without leaving behind those people. In the 80's, the Spanish were attended by 94%, today, 27%.
In those pre-Christmas dates, start awareness campaigns and aims to raise money for a myriad of NGOs.
More about Jesus Dropped Foundation, here (in Spanish)

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