sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Bike Parking

Several months ago, there is a bike rental system in the city of Murcia, and give you the opportunity to rent for one day, and up to one year. The price, 40 euros / year. What is supposed to be a measure to allow people to use the bike and not the car, to result in a form that people rent a bicycle for exercise, not to get around the city for work or shopping. In Murcia, bike lanes, or going along the river, for sport, or are shared lane roads for cars. Finally, a half-measure
About the photo: bike parking in El Malecón.
If you want to know about this bike rental system, here its website (Spanish).

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Blogaire dijo...

Bike schemes are becoming popular in cities across Europe. In Dublin there is a 'free' scheme which recently had it's one millionth user, but the Ayuntiamento had to provide free advertising spaces to a commercial company in exchange for the bikes. You must register with your credit card to avail of the bikes and they are free for the first half hour and after that there is a small charge. I hope you are successful with the bikes in Murcia.