miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

Church-Museum Of Saint John Of God.

This is the facade of the Church-Museum, San Juan de Dios, which I already mentioned some time ago.
I will just add to what I said in that post, the following:
"Muslim Alcazar (walls, oratory and pantheon)
The ground floor of the set allows us to discover the archaeological remains of the old Moslem fortress and the wall of 30 meters in length, which belonged to the defensive line of Alcazar Mayor of the city.
It is an area of great historical value which have preserved the interesting remains of an arch or mihrab oratorio, with its original polychrome decoration, as well as a real or rawda pantheon, with nine graves tumular structure attributable to the family the ruler Ibn Mardanis, known as the 'Wolf King' (1147-1172)." (Source: murciaturistica.es)

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