miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Spanish Constitucion's Day

Yesterday was a holiday in Spain. No one worked, except for basic services such as police, hospitals, bars and restaurants ;-)
Aboout our Constitution: Our constitution was approved by the Parliament on October 31, 1978 and approved by all the Spanish by referendum on December 6, 1978. It is currently being reformed by: the markets. Very democratic, right?
Article 35 in its first part, says: All Spanish people have the duty to work and the right to work, to free choice of profession or trade, to advancement through work, and an income sufficient to meet their needs and those of their family, but in no case can be discriminated on grounds of sex.
Currently, in Spain, there are 4,978,300 unemployed (22.8% according to the Labour Force Survey) although data from the unemployment offices say 4,420,462.

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