martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Church Of La Merced.

The facade of the convent church of La Merced, 1713, is a transposition of the naturalist decorativism interior of this church, typical of the works of the century, the continuation of schemes of the previous century.
The facade of the church has a curious legend of the special Virgin Mary who presides (she has twisted neck, being the stone representation of the popular Virgin of Remedies). It is said that a girl received a promise of marriage from a gentleman who went to war and when he returned he refused to keep his word. She, in the absence of witnesses brought him to the door of the Church of La Merced where he had pledged his word, and confirm that he had not promised anything, the Virgin of the facade shook her head denying, leaving her face artificially shifted to the left as we see today.