jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

A Night Of Illusion.

The next night is the Twelfth Night. A night of illusion (especially for children of each house). Next to the Christmas tree, next to the window, next to the crib, clean shoes are left in each of the inhabitants of the house, and there, the Wise Men left the gifts that each request. If you have not been good, will bring you coal (sweet).
In the picture, nativity scene. This crib I recommend you to visit if you come at Christmas to Murcia. This arrangement is made by the huertano association "La Pava" each year. It shows the folklore of Murcia, along with the Christmas passages from the Bible.
You can see it in the church of San Juan de Dios.

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Chrissy Brand dijo...

What a lovely post. I hope no coal is left there for anyone ;-)

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