sábado, 14 de enero de 2012


Picture of an old typewriter Remington. Until not many years ago, in the administration, the police, in many areas of our society could be seen typewriters, but computers have ended to this invention.
A relatives have asked me how to price this old typewriter. Does anyone know price it?

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi please do tell us. I will guess around 50euro.

It looks like a nice typewriter but hope we never have to go back.

Irish Molly

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

I don't know what it is really its price. That is the reason to put it here, to see if anybody knows its really price.

Anónimo dijo...

Yes, you can find out how much people are asking for them. Go to E-bay and type in the name and approximate age and see what the price is.

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

A. Lincoln, the problem is that I don't know the age of that typewriter.