sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

RNE 75

National Radio of Spain (rne, Radio Nacional de España) has completed 75 years since its first broadcast (during the Spanish Civil War, at the National side). Today is Public Radio for all.
It is formed by: Radio Clasica (classical music and programs about classical music), Radio 3 (the latest music, especially within the indy music circuit), Radio 5 (only news), Radio Nacional or Radio 1 (generalist radio programs of various kinds) , Radio 4 (in Catalonia), Radio Exterior (an international channel that broadcasts in Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Sephardic.). In addition to broadcast by radio, RNE is now on all new media (internet, social networking, mobile, DTT, satellite ...).
To celebrate the 75th anniversary are doing a road show throughout Spain. Yesterday they were in the city of Murcia. Tomorrow in Cartagena.

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