lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Ancient Roman Theatre Of Cartagena

The Roman Theatre of Cartagena was discovered by chance when they were going to be built in this place the Regional Centre for Crafts in 1988. This was one of the most humble areas of Cartagena. The Theatre was under houses, and part of the Old Cathedral of Cartagena (background left of the image).
A little of history: The Roman Theatre was built between 5 and 1 BC, as it has been proven by the dedication of the edifice to Gaius and Lucius Caesar, grandsons of Augustus, who had designed them as his successors. In the third century AD, was a market until it was abandoned in 425 AD. In the sixth century opened up another market. In the thirteenth century were built over part of the stands the old Cathedral. In 1988 first remains were found (as I mentioned before). The restoration was completed in 2003. In 2008 were built its museum.
The capacity of this Theatre was about 7000 people.
All data for the restoration of this theater and its history,

Today is the Anniversary of MurciaDailyPhoto. 4 years showing photos about Murcia and the Region of Murcia. Thanks a lot for all your visits and comments. I hope you will back again.
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Malyss dijo...

Incredible that such a beautyful place was "forgotten" or lost during so much time! i'm glad that it was re-discovered and restored. i like romans ruins, always so strong , moving, and very interesting!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi I was there last year it is a wonderful place thank you for bringing the memory back to me. My grandchildren and I sat on the steps and read of its history.

Irish Molly

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

I was there before the restoration, and everything has changed for better.
Malyss, you are invited to come to back to the past.
Irish Molly, it's nice to see you here again. I hope that you and your grandchildren have enjoyed your visit.