domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Cape Palos Port. Puerto de Cabo de Palos.

Cabo de Palos (Cape Palos) (the population and geographical location) is located in the southeastern of the Region of Murcia, about 75 kilometers from the city of Murcia, and about 30 kilometers from the city of Cartagena. It is just before the Manga del Mar Menor.
Cabo de Palos is a fishing village of origin. Its port is still mostly fishing.
Currently developing a tourism activity: diving and gourmet cuisine. Since 1995, its coastline to Islas Hormigas (Ant Island), is marine reserve protected, and has one of the seabed better care, and better for diving (in Europe and Spain), for their great diversity, and the ability to dive to see large sunken shipwrecks (like the SS Sirio. Here a documentary film). There are numerous diving schools around Cabo de Palos. Highly Recommended. (Here a map of the shipwrecks sunked in that area) (Also, some photos of the seabed and the sunken shipwreks in the area).
The image: Cape Palos Port.

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