jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

St. Nicholas Church. Iglesia De San Nicolás.

The parish of St. Nicholas is one of the main monuments of the city of Murcia, not only for its architecture but for its valuable artistic heritage, with major works within the altarpiece, sculpture and silverware. Its historical importance is manifested in its antiquity and have been the main building of one of the most central districts of Murcia, where Murcian noble families lived in palaces and mansions of St. Nicholas Street.
The church of St. Nicholas is a beautiful example of baroque architecture of the eighteenth century . It is built on an earlier church that was built, as usual, on a mosque that stood by the Muslim wall of the city. There were numerous Islamic religious centers that were the basis for subsequent settlement of churches, as well as the Cathedral. St. Nicholas appears and enumerated as one of eight parishes existing in Murcia in 1272.
Although this church was re-built in the eighteenth century.
All about this church, here (Spanish)

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