martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Pilgrimage To The Fuensanta 2012. Romería A La Fuensanta 2012.

Image: Patroness of Murcia inside the Cathedral.

The Tuesday after the second Sunday of September is the massive pilgrimage of La Fuensanta, from Murcia to the Sanctuary of the "Fuente Santa (Santa Fountain)", in the Sierra of Saler, about five kilometers from the capital. This beautiful natural landscape can see from its height, the Fertile valley of Murcia, Orihuela and the coastal plain of Alicante.
At 7 am, after a low Mass, the Virgin is carried Fuensanta from the Cathedral to her shrine at Mount. On their way through the streets of the city, crowded with worshipers, the pilgrimage takes the form of procession, with devotees in long lines, authorities and clergy.
On January 17, 1694, after a long drought that threatened the harvest from the garden, lowered the image of the Virgin of Fuensanta for the first time to Murcia.
To worship, a chapel was built shortly before being named in 1731 as the new patron of the City and its Garden (orchard), the various miracles attributed regarding rainfall. Thus, the Fuensanta replaced the Virgen de la Arrixaca as patroness of the city.

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Malyss dijo...

We have same kind of pilgrimages here; They are always very impressive, and the faith around is very strong.