sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

September 2012 Theme Day: People Watching.

It's just arrived the first day of the month: the Theme Day. This time, People Watching.
Since the Theme Day was voted, I was wondering what would be shooting. Luckily this week, the moment found to me. The girl in the picture (incidentally, foreign) is looking at the trendy of the padlocks on bridges, and now that has come to the city of Murcia.
The bridge: Old Bridge (or Bridge of the Dangers). The river: Rio Segura.
The CityDailyPhoto community is still alive in Facebook (thanks to Eric from ParisDailyPhoto) and in Blogger (thanks to Julie from Sidney Eye).

4 comentarios:

Chrissy Brand dijo...

A good shot- you wonder what her thoughts are.

Valladolid Daily Photo dijo...

Es curioso como esa moda de los candados en los puentes se ha ido extendiendo. Me gustan estas fotos un pelin movidas que delatan esa inmediatez a la hora de hacerla. Buena contribución al día temático.

Rob Mandy dijo...

Good choice. May she be in love.

Tanya dijo...