lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

The Great Organ "Merklin-Schütze" Of The Cathedral Of Murcia.

In July of 1857, was inaugurated the Great Organ. The Organ of Murcia had an impact at European level absolutely spectacular, as was a tremendous breakthrough in the world of technology and mechanics worldwide and was quite ahead of its time from the point of view of music (loudness and registrations), becoming the best romantic organ in Spain, a unique example in Europe and unattainable goal model for the rest of organs houses of the time.
The instrument, of a size not equaled or surpassed by any current body in Spain, holds 63 records, about 5,000 pipes and console with four keyboards and a keyboard feet. Everything is sheltered by an elegant Gothic style box (main facade) and eclectic (facade of the choir, in the picture), with a carved quality of great importance.

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