jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

The Owl Country. El País Del Búho.

The City of Murcia is promoting the candidacy to get the statement of the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO of the Mountains and Country of Murcia (Sierras y Campo de Murcia).

The proposal of the Biosphere Reserve of the Mountains and Country of Murcia covers an area of 57,200 hectares.
88.5% of the land belongs to the municipality of Murcia, 7.5% to Alhama de Murcia and 4% to Fuente Alamo.
This area is noted for its high importance for the conservation of biodiversity: here are large populations of protected flora and hosts most known density of pairs of eagle owl (Bubo bubo) and is one of the largest areas of large scattering Mediterranean raptors.

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