miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Festival Of The equinox

This year, in addition to the Theme Day of each month, it has been proposed in the CityDailyPhoto community, some additional Theme Days.
This month, coinciding with the change of season, has raised the issue of the equinox. A time of balance in which both the North and in the South, the duration of the night is the same.
With this photo, which combines nature with the action of the human hand, I raised the coexistence of a sustainable future (with the moon on the background-top of the frame).
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4 comentarios:

Joe dijo...

An interesting interpretation of the equinox. Man versus nature. Whatever footprint we leave the equinox will continue its cycle.

Julie dijo...

Thank you for contributing to our Festival of the Equinox, Usu.

I agree that the time of the equinox leads us to think about our sustainable future and the interaction of man and nature. There seems to be a 'contest' occurring within nature in many parts of the world where the seasons are all confused. I see this as the result of climate change due to the actions of mankind, but I know many other people do not agree.

I appreciate your entry, and wish you kind regards.

PerthDailyPhoto dijo...

Yes I agree it does seem to be turning into a battle 'royale' I hope for all our sake we wake up before it's too late..Well done MDP you got the debate started :)

Buck dijo...

A very thoughtful look at balance. Thank you for sharing: I must say that this is a very creative realisation of the theme. Well done!