sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Good Friday. Easter Week 2013.

This has been a highly sought-frame, but I would like that the sculpture has been more focused.
It is the procession of Salzillos, and the statues: The Lashes, one of the biblical passages that are represented in the procession (here, some pictures with more details).
The church, parish of St. Bartholomew. Its history, here, and its presence in Murcian Holy Week, here.

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Stuart dijo...

Looks like there are lots of photo opportunities to take advantage of this week in Murcia. I'll never forget a procession in Malaga in 1970 (showing my age now). There were a number of what looked like church alters and they were carried on the shoulders of many burly young men. Much of the statuary was covered in gold leaf (I presume). They could only manage to walk about 25 feet at a time, and then stop and rest. It was at night and everything was lit by candlelight. Just mesmerizing to watch.

Julie dijo...


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Valladolid Daily Photo dijo...

Me encanta la composición de la foto. Buen trabajo!