miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

May'13 Theme Day - The Creative Artisan

May 1st. Today is the international day of work, and the theme in CityDailyPhoto Bloggers community, is the creative artisan. Definitely a great day to remember old trades, or to claim that those jobs are not lost in oblivion. We must thank the artisans who still continue maintaining these jobs, despite being in the XXI century.
The image, parade Bando de la Huerta. Spinners, bobbin lace.
Bobbin lace is a lace textile technique consisting of interwoven threads that are wound into coils initially called bobbin, for better management. As work progresses, the tissue is held by pins stuck in a cushion, called "scene". The place of the pins usually determined by a pattern of holes in the pad.
The lace can be performed with coarse or fine threads. Traditionally, made from linen, silk, wool and cotton subsequently. Also with precious metal wire. Today also performed with a variety of synthetic fibers, wires or other filaments.

5 comentarios:

krisz fu dijo...

gorgeous work on the garment.

Tanya Breese dijo...

i would think a person would have to be very patient for that kind of work!


Imagine all the amazing detail and work this required. Lovely, unusual "street scene" capture for this theme.

LOLfromPasa dijo...

It is amazing to read and see the ideas contributors have come up with. This one is a delight!

Buck dijo...

Bobbin lace is a beautiful art form! Thank you for this fine contribution to the theme. I love the history.