lunes, 22 de julio de 2013


In the next days, I would like to invite you to know a small town in the Region of Murcia, very charming: Aledo. It is a medieval village.
A little bit of history: "Strategically placed and controlling the valley of the Guadalentín we find Aledo, rich in ceramic and pottery-making tradition, and still maintaining the old arts and use of local natural resources. During the Islamic period (10th century) it was converted into a fortress and held out against Christian forces until the 12th century, when it was taken by troops led by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, better-known nowadays under the name of 'El Cid'. Aledo is also famous for giving hospitality to King Alphonse X, and it was from here that many of his famous Partidas (Law proclamations) were dispatched." (Source:
Aledo is a town of about 1000 inhabitants.

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Wurzel dijo...

I have visited Los Alcazares and explored the areas of Murcia on 4 occasions. I follow your daily photos with interest. HERE is my own memory of Aledo, maybe you can thank the gentleman for me.