viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

Church Of Santa Maria La Real. Aledo.

Another building-monument that it is noteworthy at Aledo, is the Church of Santa Maria La Real.
"Style: Baroque and neoclassical influence.

In the short period besieged Muslim Aledo, the present church of Santa María la Real, was initially a mosque with a single nave and a bell tower.

It became a Christian church after the transfer of Aledo to the Order of Santiago (1257). The construction of the second temple Current Catholic church began in 1761, the lack of resources that the work did not culminate until 1803. The completion of the church was thanks to the contributions of the King of Etruria D. Carlos Luis de Bourbon." (Source:

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Hilda dijo...

Fascinating history. So where do the Muslims worship now?