martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013


Answer to the quiz from last Saturday : this is a waterwheel . Specifically , a replica of the big waterwheel in Abarán (Gran Noria de Abarán) . The largest waterwheel in Europe that is still in operation.
The large size of the Gran Noria is justified by its 11.90 meters long and 1.20 meters wide. Its function , which is to raise the water, takes place thanks to 128 buckets that straddle what is known as a crown, and their radii 32 and 64 blades, with a yield of 30 liters per second .
The materials consisting unchanged. The wooden frame is supported by cast iron gears, which are the engine of the entire system, of course, with the invaluable help of water. Its importance within the irrigation system of the town is indisputable, and which was responsible for supplying the main ditch : distributed by 7 kilometers of ditches and channels the water needed to irrigate more than 170000 square meters of vegetables and fruit crop.
It's was built in 1819 (the original).
Picture: replica placed in a mall.

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