miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

Jan'14 Theme Day: Best Photo Of The Year (On MuDP)

First of all: Happy New Year to all! Many thanks for still coming back.
The first theme day of the year at the CityDailyPhoto Community is (traditionally) Best Photo Of the Year (of each citydailyphotoblog). After seeing all the last 265 pictures (I missed 100 days last year without making photos, where I was!) I selected this one that I took last February.
Here you can view thumbnails for all participants.
But I don't like to forgot that last year MurciaDailyPhoto turned 5 years. Please, follow this link.

5 comentarios:

Jack dijo...

It is a very nice composition in good light.

wilf dijo...

Beautiful! Love the mood that it set.

Oakland Daily Photo dijo...

Wonderful mood and light.

Merisi dijo...

What a beautiful depiction of a moody day by the water! Love how you capture the white boat against the sun-illuminated clouds and the grey-blue all around.

Happy Blog Anniversary and a Happy New Year,

Inna Cleanbergen dijo...

Looks quiet and silent.