miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Inside Wall Of Santa Eulalia.

There is an interpretation centre of the wall that surrounded the twelfth century in the city of Murcia: The wall of Santa Eulalia.
Apart from this centre (with free entry, and guides if needed) at various sites in the city you can see remnants of that wall. From street locations, inside bars, restaurants, underground parking ....
That exhibition space that gets the innovative design that was ancient Arab Wall Museum. It is a brief introduction to the history of the Muslim Murcia with audiovisuals and models, especially becomings its magnificent wall, and also gives access to the archaeological remains were discovered in 1963, consisting of a section of defense system of the twelfth century, including one of the wall paintings preserved higher altitude of the city. (Source: Wikipedia)
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William Kendall dijo...

Splendid angle for the shot, and I like the effect of the lighting.