domingo, 13 de julio de 2014

2nd Stop

Inside the tower, a square floor plan, it is possible to contemplate the succession of artistic styles. The structure has   several rooms. On the ramp seven is the file room, in process of cataloging, which holds hundreds of files and documents, including handwritten letters of Alfonso X "The Wise". Slightly above locates the room known as refugees, as it was the place where it was kept the treasure of the Cathedral to avoid floods. And over the clock room, which still retains the machinery of 1940. Now it is no longer necesary that the watchmaker climb every three days to wind because the clock is connected via satellite to the atomic clock of Berlin, which keeps it promptly on time. This room, where the ringer lived, is also known as the secret room. Because the vaulted ceiling gives it a special sound that is almost impossible to whisper a few words without being heard at the other corner of the room.
On the door to the clock room, following a tradition of the Middle Ages, a stonemason left, using the latest restoration, a message written on the wall 'inside this stone is my name in a bottle'.

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William Kendall dijo...

That stonemason's tradition is something I've never heard of.