domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

Santísima Trinidad 1

Detail of the stern of the ship: Holy Trinity (Santísima Trinidad 1769-1805). Here, a general perspective.

The Holy Trinity, officially Our Lady of the Holy Trinity, was a Spanish ship of 120 cannons, later expanded to 140, the largest of its time, was nicknamed "El Escorial of the seas" and was one of the few ships of the line of four bridges that existed. It had an initial endowment of 960 sailors.
In 1780, it participated in the capture of an English convoy of 55 ships. In 1782 it was incorporated into the fleet at the Mediterranean and participated in the Battle of Cape Spartel.
He is remembered especially for his tragic end at the Battle of Trafalgar (October, 21st 1805). After a hard fight was captured by the English in very poor condition, with more than 200 killed and 100 wounded. The English put every effort to save it and take it to the English port of Gibraltar, being towed by the frigates HMS Naiad and HMS Phoebe. But finally sink on October 24th about 25 or 28 miles south of Cadiz.

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William Kendall dijo...

An impressive shot, and such history!