domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

Fin - The End

Ending this week I have found this picture of a play at Auditorium of Murcia (Auditorium Victor Villegas).
The photo was taken at the end of the play.
The play: La cabeza del dragón. (The dragon's head) by Valle-Inclán
Child Farce of the dragon's head is a child's play in two acts, divided into six pictures, Ramón del Valle-Inclán, released in 1910 and published in 1914.
Plot: Prince Verdemar, with the help of a Fairy, paddling and defeat the dragon, having captured the Infanta of King Micomicón. Custody monster tongue to give proof of his prowess and finally get the desired prize: The hand of the girl.
Theatre company for this time: students of Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Murcia, ESAD (High School of Dramatic Art of Murcia).

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William Kendall dijo...

A rather whimsical shot!